Bharat Takhtani – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Bharat Takhtani is a successful businessperson. He has been dynamic and successful for years. He is the husband of successful Indian actress Esha Deol. He is presently running a company called R.G. Bangle Pvt. Ltd. He has been very hardworking from the beginning of his career. His personal details are given below.

Bharat Takhtani

Bharat Takhtani
Bharat Takhtani

Personal life

Bharat Takhtani was born in Bandra, Mumbai. His father is Mr. Vijay Thaktani. His father is also a successful business person. Bharat Takhtani did his early education from Learner’s Academy, which is located in Bandra. Later on, he pursued his graduation from H.R. college of Commerce and Economics which is located in Church gate Mumbai.

After completing his education, he joined the company called R.G. Bangle Pvt. Ltd. A quick personal review is given below.

Bharat Takhtani Biography

Name: Bharat Takhtani
Birthdate: unknown
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Age: 33 approximately
Spouse: Esha Deol
Occupation: Businessman

His professional life

Bharat Takhtani had been a very hardworking person since his younger days. For his extreme dedication and hard work, he managed to reach the position where he is at present. After finishing his studies, he wholeheartedly dedicated himself to the success of his business.

His wife Esha Deol was his childhood friend. Their chemistry was successful from the time of their childhood. Esha Deol is a successful actress in the Bollywood town. She always imagined a husband who would be as handsome and strong as her father. Bharat Takhtani perfectly met her expectation. For this reason, she chose him as her husband.

The chemistry between the couple

The story of Bharat Takhtani and Esha Deol goes long back to the childhood days. Their chemistry had been very deep since their young days. They shared all the secrets with each other and Esha could not have imagined anyone else as her husband. Her brothers are also successful actors of the Bollywood town. Both Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol have supported the relationship of their sister.

Bharat Takhtani and Esha Deol
Bharat Takhtani and Esha Deol

The mother and father in laws of Bharat Takhtani are also legendary actors. His mother in law Hema Malini and father in law Dharmendra, both of them, are legendary actors of India. They agreed with the relationship of their daughter and had always known the choice of her.

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The relationship of Bharat and Esha Deol finally turned out to be a successful marriage on 29th June 2012. They have been very successfully leading their married life since then. Everyone is aware of the healthy relationship of Bharat Takhtani and Esha Deol.

Bharat Takhtani Aims

The career of Takhtani had been very promising for years. Since the beginning of his career, he had been giving promising results and outcome. He is still pursuing higher aims and believes that success has no limits. His extreme dedication had brought him to the peak of the success.

He still has higher aims for which he has been planning for years. Despite such rush in his life, he is able to keep the balance between work and life. Both of the couples are having successful careers.


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