Sushila Charak Khan – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Sushila Charak Khan is also known as Salma Khan. She is the former wife of Indian actor and scriptwriter Salim Khan.

Sushila Charak Khan

Sushila Charak Khan
Sushila Charak Khan

She was born in the Maharashtrian Rajput family. In the year 1964, she got married to Salim Khan. Their relation was successful for years and had four children. However, her married life did not happen to be successful in the later years.

Later on, their marriage ended up in divorce. In the year 1981 Salim Khan married for the second time to the actress Helen Jairag Richardson. They have adopted one single child. Their relation had been successful to date.

Sushila Charak Khan Biography

Name: Sushila Charak Khan
Date of birth: unknown
Age: 70 years approximately
Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Personal life

Very little is known about Sushila Charak Khan. As far as her personal life is concerned she had a great life at the beginning. She belongs to a rich filmy background. Her husband was a great film actor and screenwriter Salim Khan. They married happily for very long years. They had been a successful couple for years. Both of them had been successful parents to their four children.


They had three sons and a daughter. All of them are successful personalities of the modern times. Her sons are popularly known as Salman Khan, Arbaaz khan, Sohail khan and their only daughter is Alvira Khan Agnihotri. Alvira Khan is now married to Atul Agnihotri. Atul Agnihotri is a successful producer, director and former actor. Malaika Arora khan who is a famous dancer and actor is the daughter in law of Sushila. Malaika is the wife of Arbaaz khan.

Sushila Charak Khan Journey

Later on, Salma Khan life began to take a hard turn when her marriage seemed to be unstable. Soon their happy married turned out to be an unsuccessful marriage, which finally had to be ended up. Later on, Sushila Charak Khan had to choose the options of divorce for getting out of the unhealthy married life. She was bold enough to make a choice in her life and chose a new life for her.


Later Salim Khan married his Helen in the year 1981. Salim Khan was also quite disturbed by the divorce but the decision of the second marriage changed his life. Still this couple has a successful married life. They had adopted a girl child long years back. They named her Arpita. In the recent years, Arpita got married to a hugely wealthy family.

Despite such hurdles in her life, Sushila Charak Khan did not lose hope. She still has a happy relation with the Khan family. Salman Khan has confessed it various times in many interviews that he still has a warm relation with his mother Salma Khan or Sushila Charak Khan. She still maintains a good relation with the family.

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Salman still prefers staying with his mother. The life of Sushila Charak has seen various ups and downs. However, she has always broken the barriers and reformed herself. She is a bright example in the industry.


  1. Can you ask Sushila if she remembers a Leela Chitre who married Vijay Sule?
    Apparently Sushila and Leela were either related or very good friends- Leela was born in 1932 in Baroda but grew up in Mumbai. She married Vijay Sule and emigrated to Uganda. She passed away in 1990 in England.
    I am Leela Sule’s daughter and just got told yesterday that Sushila Charak Khan knew my mother. Would love to know how they knew each other and learn anything more about my mother Leela

  2. Salman’s mother and father, Sushila/Salma and Salim are still together and live together. Salim Khan stays with both of them, and all are quite settled and have come to terms with the ups and downs in their life. Both these lovely ladies get to love and spend quality time with Salim Khan because they are sharing Salim Khan, and Salim Khan is making both women happy as well as being an excellent father and grandfather as he has lots of love to give everyone


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