Raghav Juyal – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Raghav Juyal is a famous name in the world of dance. This young talent house has made a brilliant mark in the world of dance and acting. He gained popularity from the very first dance reality show where he participated. He made his first appearance in “dance India dance 3” and made his separate identity with his innovation of slow motion dance. His talent is outstanding, and it gave him a stage name known as “Crockroaxz”.

Raghav Juyal

Raghav Juyal
Raghav Juyal

Personal life

Raghav Juyal is 24 years old. He was born on 10th July 1991 in Derhadun, India. He has a height of 6 ft 2 inches and has an athletic physique which is perfect for his profession. Deepak Juyal, advocate is his father and Mrs. Alka Bakshi Juyal. Raghav is living in Mumbai at present. He never had any professional training in dancing but has come out as one of the best dancers of the generation.

Raghav Juyal love for dance was from childhood and he trained himself by learning from television and internet. His marvelous talent brought to the peak of success.

The world of success

The success of Raghav Juyal began with the dance reality show “dance India dance 3”. From this show, he made his separate identity by innovating a new style of dancing which is called slow motion dance. From this show, he gained the title of “king of slow motion”. His flawless slow motion dance movements impressed the people of India. He became the second runner-up if the show.

After the success of the show, he ushered into the world of fame, dance, glamour and choreography. Later on he became the choreographer in the next reality show “Dance India Dance li’l masters season 2”. On this show, he trained various dance contestants. After these shows, he continued to perform as a guest performer and choreographer in various other dance shows. In the year 2011, he performed with dance group D-maniax in the dance reality show “Chak Dhoom Dhoom” in colors channel.

Along with these shows, Raghav Juyal also performed as a guest performer for promotional events like “Nach Baliye 7” and “dance Ke Superkids”.

The world of movies

Who could have stopped such a big talent house from entering into the world of films? After his success in the dance world, Raghav Juyal finally entered the world of films in the year 2014 with the Bollywood flix “Sonali Cable”. He made his debut with this film. Later in 2015, he appeared in the famous Bollywood flix “ABCD 2” as Raghav. His remarkable performance has drawn accolades from people.

Khatron Ke Khiladi season 7

Presently Raghav is about to perform deadly stunts in the reality show “Khatron ke khiladi Season 7 [will go live in 2016]“. This show is hosted by famous Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor. The performers have to perform deadly stunts and performances. The participants are well established and successful un their respective profession.

Raghav Juyal- Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height
Raghav Juyal

Raghav Juyal Biography

Name: Raghav Juyal
Date Of Birth: 10 July 1991
Age: 24 years
Hometown/Birth Place: Dehradun, India
Mother: Alka Bakshi Juyal
Father: Deepak Juyal
Religion: Hindu
Occupation: Dancer [Crock-Style, Dubstep Popping, Lyrical Hip Hop, Dubstep Popping, Slow Motion], Choreographer, Actor
Movies: “Sinali Cable”, “ABCD 2.”
Reality Show: “Dance Undia Dance 3”, “Dance India Dance li’l Masters Season 2”, “Khatron ke Khiladi 7”, “Nach Baliye season 7”, “Dance ke Superkids.”
Nationality: Indian
Marital Status: Single


  1. Sir u are inspiration whenever I start to dance first I pray u because people tell that god is in photo but my god raghav juyal is with me.
    My maintore, my god, my master.
    U are my first god which can I see.
    Thank u for being my maintore.
    Whenever u come pune pls meet me.
    Your biggest fan achal Agarwal.

  2. hi..raghav sir…u r amazing..and your comedy tooo…?
    yr…plzzz…ek baar aryan patra ko meri taraf se hii..bol dena plzzz…i m his bigggessst fan..yrrr…plzzz…?????? fr aryan patra…i wish he’ll always stay blessed…and my well wishes are always with him…

  3. hi Raghab I love your Dance And u r a much happy guy with i wish u always happy in your life….

    mintu deka From Assam Tinsukia

  4. sir, really your moves are incredible ,, wish u all the best sir ,praise to get u a good health and whealth..


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