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Priya Malik is the bigg boss season 9 contestant who will enter as the fourth wild card entry. She belongs to Dehradun, India. She is currently a resident of Australia. She had participated and was the one of the finalist in the Big Brother Australia, 2014. She was a popular contestants there. She was known in the house more for her comedy.

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Priya Malik

Priya Malik
Priya Malik

Early life

Priya Malik is considered to be very close to her parents. She approaches her parents for any major decision. She belongs to Dehradun. Priya is 28 years old. She graduated in English Honors from Venky’s, Delhi University. Later she went to Australia on student visa in year 2008. She completed her masters in teaching (middle and secondary). She was teaching at Our lady of sacred heart before entering the Big Brother show, Australia.

Personal life

This vibrant and gorgeous girl Priya Malik married her long time boyfriend Bhushan Malik. She has a dashing personality and has a very dedicated for her work. She is in teaching profession and came in light after participation in Big Brother Australia.


Priya is entering Bigg Boss double trouble season 9 as a fourth wild card entry. Before her Rishab, Puneet Vashisth and Kanwaljeet Singh have entered the house as wildcard entries. This reality show has been hosted by actor Salman Khan. It would be very excited to watch this dashing and bubbly personality in the Big Boss house.

Priya Malik bigg boss 9
Priya Malik

Her hobbies are writing poems. She has participated on the South Australian state poetry level and was the finalist there. She is more known for her comedy. She has participated in Adelaide comedy contest, a platform for the stand up comedians. Her friends had insisted her to be the part of Big brother Australia or Bigg Boss India. Priya had participated in Big Brother Australia in year 2014. She was the first contestant to enter in Big Brothers house. She lives in Adelaide. She was high school teacher there. There were rumours that Priya Malik will be treated in the same manner as Shilpa Shetty was treated in the Big Brother UK reality TV show.

Priya Malik husband Bhushan was confidant that she would face no such trouble. Priya was a popular contestant there and was evicted as the fourth finalist.

Priya Malik’s Biography

Name : Priya Malik

Age : 28 years

Place of birth : Dehradun

Place of Residence: Australia

Occupation: Teacher

Spouse : Bhushan Malik

Nationality : Indian

Reality TV : Big Brother Australia

Current show: Bigg Boss season 9 [Eliminated]


  1. hii Priya…..u was amazing in big boss house…. im very sad that u get eliminate …..but great journey ….woman power …… I respect u…… n u r so well disciplane….

  2. OMG..she’s amazing..the way she do tasks…TIGRESS…shez much better then all the men in house…hats off to her….prince should be shameful for blabbering too much against her..hiz ego is hurt…poor he….all the best priya….you r a gud example of today’s woman…..

  3. Hey priya ,,
    Im shweta and im Pakistani and i really love the way you play you will be the Winner and keep it up you are the winner 🙂
    Prayers are with u

  4. Sorry I’m not fan your because you’re the most irritating personality in bigg boss,All the time you were for footage,you’re very loud and bad mouth,I just don’t want to see you in bigg boss,you suppose to be out from the house.
    The things you’re doing in house that’s called harassment and that’s Mandana guts who tackle with you.

    • She and rishab is the best players in bigboss 9 right now and u dont said like she bad mouth because she is the teacher in Australia. She is well known lifestyle. And mandana have dont guts to tackle priya. Mandana every time to avoid priya because she absolutely wrong when she came the house and still doing wrong things.

    • Priya, you are fake. Very annoying when you talk. Unnecessary confrontational and it seems that you think you’re better than others. Especially when Gizelle (not that I care about Gizelle) said Keith has some sort of disability and you just had to pitch in. Hope that’s just your game attitude and not a real life persona.

  5. Priya you rock;
    Priya you fight only for justice
    And everyone in the house thinks that you’re wrong don’t think what they say because we know you’re right.
    Keep it up priya. Win the show n don’t cry b cause we’re always with you.


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