Karan Deol – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Karan Deol, who is still a young lad, but belongs to a family with acting in the genes. He is the elder most child to the Bollywood superstar Sunny Deol.

He has been a shy guy, who has remained talented from his childhood days. He did his education from Juhu and trained in filmography and acting from there on. Karan Deol has been concentrating on the acting career seriously now, and id gossips are not wrong, he will be seen unveiled from the curtains in the Bollywood movies recently.

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Karan Deol

Karan Deol
Karan Deol

He has been born to a family, who is blessed with acting, Throughout the lineage, acting is in the blood, and that is revealed by the attributes of both the brothers. His brother too is in the UK and acting there, although a student there. Although he belongs to a family and lineage that is filled with filmography, the family of Sunny Deol has always been away from the media. Mother of Karan, Pooja Deol, never came front to the media, unlike the other celebrity wives.

At the start of his career, Karan Deol supported his dad and uncle in the production house of Ghayal 2. In an interview, he stated that expectation from him is huge and offers are coming from different sides. Even Aditya Chopra had given an offer of three movies for him, but his dad denied those since he has not been ready for the acting. He says that he is now ready for acting, and he will soon be seen in the movies.

Karan Deol Biography

Name: Karan Deol
Nick Name: Rocky
Age: 24 years
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Birth Place: Mumbai
Father: Sunny Deol
Mother: Pooja Deol
Brother: Rajvir Deol
Star Grandfather: Dharmendra
Star Uncles: Bobby Deol, Abhay Deol

A step to Indian Filmography

Chances to explore the film world is huge and according to Karan Deol; there are many things that are relying on him. He says that in his lineage, everyone is a successful star and all things depend on him, how the family will be known to India and the film fans.

Career starting of Karan Deol

Karan Deol
Karan Deol with Sunny Deol

After Karan Deol education is over and training is also over, he started to assist his uncle and dad in the film makings, but he never exposed in any movies, although he is trained in acting rigorously. He added that his dad always insisted him to hit the floor after he is ready. Now he and his dad both think that he is ready enough. So he will be seen in the movies soon. Rumors are also there that his brother Rajvir will also be seen in the movies, who is still acting in the UK while pursuing his studies abroad.

These new star faces are ready to come up, with a star lineage. Dharmendra and Sunny are big names in the Indian Film lineage. Can that lineage be again established with their child?

All the fans and the film critics writers are looking for that. Just wait and watch what new package is there in the Indian filmography. The new stars and the star kids are all grown up. Will the new faces be able to keep up the heritage of the lineage, or will brand new faces cover them up?


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