Anjali Tendulkar – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

There is no one in entire India, who don’t know the name of this particular woman Anjali Tendulkar.  She is the wife of the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar and at the same time is a perfect example of the Feminine character of India.

Anjali Tendulkar has sacrificed a lot, in her career, but the most important thing is that she has no regret for that. In fact, she is so happy that her husband and kids are a fan of her, which is rarely seen among the stars.

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In beauty and glamour, she is not less than even the best-looking Bollywood stars, but yet she is not a celebrity, in that way. However, she is the wife of the legendary figure of Indian cricket. That has made her even more popular than a celebrity.

Anjali Tendulkar

Anjali Tendulkar
Anjali Tendulkar

Anjali Tendulkar is from a rich family. She is now a wife of someone, who is richer than many in India, but when she married to Sachin, Sachin was financially just well to do, whereas Anjali was on the richer side. She has been the issue to the famous Gujarati Industrialist, Anand Mehta.

Her mother is of British origin, but the best thing here is about the maintenance of the lifestyle she followed. Neither in the times, before her marriage, nor after that, she maintained a high-quality lifestyle. Anjali Tendulkar had always been down to earth, and that is in her even as a mother of two kids, Arjun and Sara.

Personal Life of Anjali Tendulkar

Anjali has been a Paediatrician by profession, and she has been attached to JJ Hospital in Mumbai. However, she left the profession, just to dedicate better and quality time for her husband and kids. The most important thing here is her satisfaction in doing such. Thus, she placed an ideal example for all females, especially for the females, who fell to successful men.

Here are some of the details about Anjali:

  • DOB: 10th November 1967
  • Height: 5 feet 5 Inches
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Father’s name: Anand Mehta
  • Spouse: Sachin Tendulkar
  • Kids: Sara and Arjun
  • Profession: Paediatrician

Anjali Tendulkar Education

Anjali Tendulkar
Anjali Tendulkar

Mrs Tendulkar is a doctor by profession. She has spent her first life in a palatable house of her dad, and she did her education in the best schools of the town. After she has been a doctor, she worked at the JJ Hospital in Mumbai, but later, for her dedication towards her husband and kids, she left her career and went forward like a perfect family person.

Special achievements

Anjali Tendulkar was having a perfect career of a doctor, but she decided to devote more time to her husband and kids more time than a career. Some of the top facts about her life will show you how she has been dedicated to her family. She fell to Sachin when she didn’t know about him at all. She cannot watch live matches of Sachin. So she always watched the recorded videos of his matches.

On the other hand, she has always been the mentor of Sachin and that has been his inspiration in every possible way. Both of them, although with a difference of 6 years, have such a good understanding that they are often regarded as the best celebrity couple of India.


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