Update from Episode 54 – December 04, 2015 – TEAM A WON THE LUXURY BUDGET TASK “PANCH DOSH”

So, today was the third part of the task “Panch Dosh” in which Rochelle and Kanwaljeet were chosen to take part. In the task, a safe was placed inside the activity area with a fake “ticket to finale“. Both of the contestants did not know what was inside the safe and they were required to be patient.

Episode 54 - December 04, 2015 - 1

However, Kanwaljeet lost his patience and asked the captain Priya to open up the safe. Priya opened the safe for Kanwaljeet and gave the finale ticket to him. He thought that he had actually won the real ticket however Priya later on mentioned that Bigg Boss had already told her that this ticket was fake. She also announced that Kanwaljeet’s team had actually lost this particular part of the task.

For the fourth part of the task, Mandana and Rishabh were chosen. In the task, both of the contenders were enclosed inside a cage in the garden area. The opposing teams were supposed to tease the contender so much that the contender would give up. If no contender would give up for three hours, the judge would decide which contender remained more patient during the task and he/she would be the winner.

Episode 54 - December 04, 2015 - 2

For the task, Rishabh’s team used physical tactics against Mandana while Mandana’s team used emotional tactics against Rishabh. However, neither Mandana nor Rishabh gave up and Priya had to take the decision after three hours. She announced that Rishabh had been more patient during the task and he was declared as the winner.

In the last part, Rochelle and Kanwaljeet were required to cross the swimming pool full of mud and dirt and touch the cross for the maximum times, placed at both the ends of the pool.

Episode 54 - December 04, 2015 - 3

At the end, Priya announced that Rochelle was the winner of this part and thus overall, the winner of the whole task “Panch Dosh” was team A , which comprised Rochelle Rao, Prince Narula, Keith Sequeira, and Mandana Karimi.

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