Sahil Sangha – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Sahil Sanga is the star husband of Diya Mirza, the Bollywood star and entitled with Miss Asia Pacific.

He started his career in some different way in the US, but when he reached India, he framed his career in a totally different way. He met Diya, while going through some scripts, and later they explored that they are in deep love. The love was so deep that they married each other in 2014, in the presence of their family.

Sahil Sangha

Sahil Sangha
Sahil Sangha

Sahil Sangha is from a Sikh family, and he has been brought up in style. he has a brother too, and he started his career in the US. Later, he came to India and worked on the Mad films of Sunil Manchanda.

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Later Sahil Sangha worked as the assistant director of the film Salam-e-Ishq. During that time, he met Diya and they dated for a long phase of five years. At the time, they were nominated to be the best-looking couples, where each of them had deep respect for the other, in terms of choice and in terms of lifestyle.

Personal details of Sahil Sangha

Name :- Sahil Sangha
Birth year :- 1980
Age :- 36 years
Height :- 5’10”
Religion :- Sikh
Qualification (education) :- Marketing and Advertising professional
Profession (present) :- Director and producer
Wife :- Diya Mirza

Relation with Diya Mirza

Sahil Sangha
Sahil Sangha

Relation of Sahil and Diya has been pure and filled with respect. They explored that they are in love after a long time, they met each other. However, each of them had deep empathy and passion for other. They loved to remain in touch with each other, and they respected each other’s heart and feeling in an absolute sense.

Sahil Sangha has also been a caring husband to Diya, since according to him, Diya is such type of woman, who is ready to give her everything for her love. So, she needs additional care, according to her husband.

On the other hand, Diya Mirza has been a supported a lot by her husband cum best friend. She now left the film world as an actress. Although her beauty and glamor are in the heart of all, she is now with her husband, busy in filmmaking.

Film Producer Sahil Sangha

Sahil is now in a tie up with his wife, Diya. Both of them are running a joint venture of filmmaking under the banner of Born Free entertainment private limited. Both the couples along with Zayed Khan. The movie that has been produced from the production house has been Love Breakups Zindagi.

The overall number of films, where Sahil Sangha worked, either as an assistant director or as a director and producer are two. Now he is a director cum producer and is running the film producing a banner, along with her wife.

Bonding of him and his wife has been immense and deep. Both of them are having deep concern, respect, and love for their attributes, feelings, and activities. This is the secret of their successful relationship for so many years.

The relation between the star and the co-star might bring out some of the top Bollywood movies in future. The fans are waiting for knowing, listening and viewing the success story of the couple.


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