Bigg Boss 9 Episode 42 – November 22, 2015 – AMAN VERMA’S JOURNEY ENDED INSIDE THE BIGG BOSS HOUSE

It was another exciting episode of Bigg Boss season 9. Today’s episode also featured the famous diva of Bollywood, “Deepika Padukone“. She came to the show in order to promote her upcoming film “Tamasha” which will be released on November 27, 2015. Before coming to Salman Khan, she also went inside the Bigg Boss house and Salman then showed those moments to the viewers.

Bigg Boss 9 Episode 42 Screen 1
Prince Narula and Deepika Padukone

Deepika entered the Bigg Boss house being a one day Bigg Boss. She ordered Rishabh from the confession room to act like a hero (from one of the most famous movies of Bollywood “Sholay”) and do romance with Mandana, which he did. She then asked Mandana to do some romance with Prince and propose her.

All the housemates enjoyed this acting bit from Rishabh and Mandana and then Deepika entered the house herself. She had some light, fun tasks for the housemates whereby she asked Rochelle to mimic Rimi Sen and Aman to mimic Salman Khan. Both of them were quite funny when Aman asked Rochelle to start taking part in tasks and become a little active.

Bigg Boss 9 Episode 42 Screen 2
Deepika Padukone Bigg Boss 9 House

Before leaving, Deepika gave a very crucial offer to the housemates which was related to their luxury budget. She actually mentioned that she had been given this right by the Bigg Boss that she could give the housemates their luxury budget if Rimi Sen could give all of her make-up stuff to Bigg Boss. Also, Rimi would not be allowed to use make-up of any other contestant.

Rimi however straight away said no to this as this would be almost impossible for any females inside the house.

Bigg Boss 9 Episode 42 Screen 3
Deepika Padukone and Salman Khan

Salman Khan then asked some interesting questions from various housemates using the light detector machine. On giving the right answer, the machine turned the green light on while on the wrong answer, the machine turned the red light on. It was quite a fun activity and at the end of it, Salman announced that Mandana was yet again safe from elimination this week. The remaining two contestants were Aman Verma and Rimi Sen and perhaps all of the housemates expected Rimi to go home because of her lack of participation in literally any of the tasks. To shock everyone, it was Aman Verma who was eliminated and Rimi Sen was declared safe for at least one more week.

Aman seemed to be quite shocked and unhappy about this and he actually mentioned this to Salman Khan. Even Salman mentioned that it was a shock for him and he had no idea how this could happen. Whatever the case maybe, the fact of the matter is that there is something in Rimi Sen, which people are liking, due to which she is still inside the house.

The biggest news of the episode is that one of the finalists from Big Brother Australia 2014, “Priya Malik” will enter the Bigg Boss house tomorrow as the fourth wild card entry of the season. She came to the stage and seemed to be quite strong and opinionated. It appears as if she will give a tough time to the contestants inside the house.

Priya Malik
Priya Malik


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