Bigg Boss 9 – Double Trouble

Until now, we have heard about how Bigg Boss 9 is shaping up. The controversy of Bigg Boss 9 being hosted by Salman Khan has finally been settled as Salman Khan himself has he updated his twitter account with the caption of “Bigg Boss 9 is mine.”

Another big update was done with Bigg Boss 9 as now it comes with “Double Trouble“. Salman Khan was seen in the two promos that were released by the channel. Along with the two promos, few more were also released.

The ideas it to make the most out of the Bigg Boss name. After the exit of Salman Khan in the Bigg Boss Halla Bol, it was quite evident that the new Bigg Boss 9 would surely be different.

Bigg Boss 9 - Double Trouble

In the new concept of double trouble, couples will be put in the house to make it more interesting or more trouble as shown in the promos. The promos were shown on daily tasks of eating or makeup and how they are disturbed doing small tasks. The spiced up drama is necessary as it will make the show more interesting and appealing to the audience.


The Bigg Boss 9 is all about Salman Khan, but it does have its importance in the story and the character that are staged on the show. The “wow” factor is what makes Bigg Boss Now(9) so amazing.

Overall, we loved how the new concept is shaping and are waiting for new miracles/conflicts/drama that is going to happen in the new house. Are you waiting for the same? Then, comment below and let us know.

Did you like the new concept of double trouble? Will the new concept change the Bigg Boss scene completely? Let us know your thoughts and opinions and make you heard in the Bigg Boss 9 Community.



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