BB9 Episode 52 – December 02, 2015 – DIGANGANA & SUYYASH NOMINATED FOR THIS WEEK

So today’s episode started off with a fight between Mandana and Rishabh. Actually, Rishabh took a biscuit from Digangana’s packet and she was apparently a but upser about it. She talked about this with Mandana who exaggerated the whole thing a little bit more thereby giving rise to an absolutely unnecessary fight with Rishabh.

Mandana Karimi -BB9 Episode 52 - 2
Mandana Karimi

Even Digangana came in between to stop the fight saying that had she wanted to say something bad to Rishabh, she would have said it directly and there was no need of doing this on her behalf.

Rishabh and Suyyash - BB9 Episode 52 - 1
Rishabh and Suyyash

Rochelle was then also indulged in this fight taking Mandana’s fight. It seems as if Mandana is poking her nose unnecessarily in each and every matter inside the house.

Rochelle Maria Rao - BB9 Episode 52 - 3
Rochelle Maria Rao

Bigg Boss then called Priya Malik inside the confession room and told her that she had won a special right attached to nominations by winning the captaincy task. She was therefore asked to nominate two housemates for elimination who were least seen inside the house and who were not entertaining the audience.

She called the name of Digangana Suryavanshi and Kanwaljeet Singh initially however she later on requested Bigg Boss to alter her decision. Second time, she replaced Kanwaljeet with Suyyash Rai, which seemed to be a bit unfair. Bigg Boss then announced to all the housemates that the nominated contestants for this week were Digangana and Suyyash.

Bigg Boss then gave the luxury budget task to the housemates “Panch Dosh” whereby the house was divided into two teams.

Team A comprised of Prince, Rochelle, Keith and Mandana while team B consisted of Kishwer, Suyyash, Rishabh and Kanwaljeet. Priya was the leader of the task while Digangana was not supposed to take part in the task since she was sick.

In the task, first of all, team A chose Kanwaljeet and picked his three items so that Priya would destroy those. Then team B picked Mandana and chose her three items for the same purpose.

Priya Malik - BB9 Episode 52 - 4
Priya Malik

It was then shown on tomorrow’s highlights that Rochelle would be a bit upset about the task and Prince and Kishwer will also have a huge fight over this.



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