The Bigg Boss Phobia Trick is Here – Day 3 [Episode 3]

Bigg Boss is all about making the most out of controversy, fear and fight. And, in the first few episodes hell is breaking loose.

The idea is simple. Couples have to do task based on phobias.

Dharna Manna Hai!

Suyyash and Rimi Bigg Boss 9

So, kaun ish baar fash gaya? It is Suyyash and Rimi!

The phobia list is interesting. Let’s go through them one by one. The phobia challenge is made to get over the fear and complete the challenge to win it!

The first challenged is taken by Roopal and Digangana. They fear Omphalophobia… is the fear of navel button. Next was Arvind and Ankit to face Globophobia, the fear of balloons(yeh toh bahut easy mil gaya). And, the third pair, Vikas and Yuvika faced the fear of becoming fat, Obesophobia.

The real challenge came to Rimi and Suyyash as they were told to perform the challenge of Peladophobia, the fear of getting bald.

It was obvious that Rimi will back out as she did. Suyyash had no problems doing the challenge, but had to skip it because of Rimi.

The very next day, a new challenge known as Typanophobia… the fear of needles came up.

This time also, Rimi said “NO” as she is an actress and making a permanent tattoo on her hands means problems in her career.

This lead to anger from Suyyash and he told Rimi not to fear. This is Bigg Boss! We are eager to see how the couple handles the rest of the show. Let’s wait and watch.


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