New promo: New Twist, More Double Trouble, Check it Out!

Bigg Boss 9 is changing gears recently, and according to the new promo, the controversial reality show is going to be more fun than ever. The interesting promo that released just a few days ago introduced new twist and provided a hint on how the double trouble can roll out.


In the promo, Salman Khan reveals how the Double Trouble can take place. The promo showcases how the contestants have to fight over small things in the day-to-day life. This is much more equivalent to what we have to see in normal life, and the main aim of the show is to create masala as much as possible.

The promo hints to this approach where two couples were kept inside a room and they fight over small things. To symbolize the effect, they have used a mug with two holders, when it breaks off due to hustle and tussle between the couples. Quite interesting!

The attraction would easily be transformed into destruction. And, it is clear that the Bigg Boss will surely control the house with his keen eyes. The host, Salman Khan, is the key to success for the show.

The show is all set to get started from 11th October and you know that it will come with all the awesomeness that we were all waiting for.

Double Trouble has already been discussed on and you can read it here.

So, what you think about the promo? Is this good approach from the team of Bigg Boss 9? Comment below and let us know.


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