Episode & Day 49 – November 29, 2015 – TWENTY LACS SECRET REVEALED IN THE HOUSE

Today’s episode started off with yesterday’s incomplete task whereby housemates were to give themselves a rank from number one to eight. Priya Malik and Kanwaljeet were then asked by the Bigg Boss to make the necessary changes and give the housemates a particular ranking. According to them, they gave the ranking of one to Rishabh saying that he was the strongest contestant inside the house and no other wildcard entry even made a small mark in front of him. Then they gave number two ranking to Mandana, three to Prince Narula, four to Rochelle, five to Kishwer, six to Suyyash, seven to Digangana and eight to Rimi Sen.

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Then Salman Khan came to the stage and first of all, as expected, he scolded Rimi for her childish and extremely irresponsible behavior. She however kept on laughing and did not even listen to Salman’s comments seriously. Salman even said that no work would be offered to her once she moves out of the house because she has behaved so immaturely and irresponsibly in front of the whole industry.

He then asked her why she did not leave when Bigg Boss kept the main gate of the house open for some time. Her reply to this question was even shocking when she said that she still wanted to make more bank balance.

However, Salman then talked about some other events of the house during the last week and also welcomed Keith Sequeira back who had just returned to the house yesterday after the sad demise of his younger brother.

bigg boss 9 episode 49 - day 49

Salman then showed that Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon went inside the house earlier on to promote the new film “Dilwale” in which veteran actors like Shahrukh Khan and Kajol have played the lead roles.

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Varun and Kriti gave a fun task to the housemates where they were asked to dance in pairs. One pair was Rishabh and Digangana, second was Prince and Mandana and third was Kanwaljeet SIngh and Kishwer. Both of them then moved out of the house after saying goodbye to the contestants.

Salman Khan then revealed the secret of the amount of 20 lacs which was highlighted yesterday. Salman told that an additional amount of 20 lacs could be added in the total prize money if the housemates successfully accomplish a particular task.

According to the task, there are different sacs in the garden area tied with ropes, carrying different amounts of money, the sum of which is 20 lacs. The housemates need to carry the stand by the sacs for 24 consecutive hours and they will not be allowed to move. Apparently, it looks somewhat simple but tomorrow’s highlights show the emotional punch, attached to this task.

Meanwhile the housemates will be doing this task, their loved ones and family members will visit the house. Will someone give up the task to meet the family and who will be eliminated this week?

All of this will be revealed in the special episode of tomorrow, where Salman Khan will be seen yet again on the sets of bigg boss 9.

Bigg Boss 9 Alert: Rimi Sen ELIMINATED from bigg boss 9



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