Day 68 – Episode 68 – December 18, 2015 – PRINCE AND NORA GET A DATE INSIDE THE HOUSE

Today’s Bigg Boss episode was very interesting as it was full of drama, romance, fights and entertainment. Earlier in the day, it was shown that Mandana and Gizele were having a light conversation which later on turned into an argument and eventually a fight.

bigg boss 9 Day 68 - Episode 68 - 4

Mandana was actually trying to convince Gizele that she likes hanging out with her and she should not be close to other housemates. Gizele however was not convinced on this at all and said that I would hang out with other housemates too. Mandana got upset and angry about this and fought with Gizele.

bigg boss 9 Day 68 - Episode 68 - 3

It was also shown that Rishabh and Priya got into yet another argument. Rishabh apparently was seen very upset with Priya and mentioned that he could not yet forget the event when Priya during her captaincy gave away Rishabh’s protein and jackets to the Bigg Boss. Priya tried to justify her act yet again but Rishabh was quite upset and did not listen to Priya. Bigg Boss then announced that the personal belongings of housemates could be returned to them.

bigg boss 9 Day 68 - Episode 68 - 1

For this, Bigg Boss asked Prince Narula that whose belongings were most crucial. Prince called the name of Priya Malik because her whole suitcase had been confiscated earlier by the Bigg Boss. Then on asking Prince twice again, he called the names of Rishabh and Kishwer Merchant.

Bigg Boss called the three of them into the secret room and gave them three options. If one of them pressed the buzzer, he/she would get his luggage back. If two of them pressed the buzzer, only the third one would get the luggage.

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On the other hand, if all three of them pressed the buzzer, no one would get the luggage back. Since Priya and Kishwer pressed the buzzer, Rishabh got his luggage back.

Bigg Boss then announced that Prince being the captain had a date inside a separate area in the house. Bigg Boss ordered all the females [including Priya Malik, Rochelle Maria Rao, Gizele Thakral, Nora Fatehi, Mandana Karimi, Kishwer] to dress up and try to convince Prince to take her to the date.

bigg boss 9 Day 68 - Episode 68 - 2

All the females tried to convince Prince however as expected, Prince took Nora to the date with him. 


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