Celebrities who refused to participate in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss has always been on the dream list of many. But that doesn’t mean no one refuse the opportunity to get into the Bigg Boss scene. Today, I will go through the list of the celebs that refused to participate in the Bigg Boss 9. As you will go through the list, you will see different reasons for the non-participant. Without wasting much time, let’s get started already!

Daljeet Kaur


Daljeet Kaur rejected the invitation to Bigg Boss 9 because her baby boy Shaarav.

Mia Khalifa


Mia Khalifa was in the news for the past few weeks for her participation rumors on the Bigg Boss 9. She rejected the rumor, showcasing her disinterest to land in India.

Siddhant Karnick


Siddhant Karnick declined the Bigg Boss 9 invitation because of the money. He wants tons of money for his retirement, where he plans to go to spend his time drifting to different continents.

Evelyn Sharma

4-Evelyn Sharma

Evelyn Sharma refused her invitation to the Bigg Boss 9 Seasons because she is claustrophobic. The confined space is not suited for her and she won’t be able to stay in Bigg Boss 9 house for so long. She is also busy for her upcoming films.

Taslima Nasreen


Taslima Nasreen is a controversial writer. The reason for invitation decline is her lack of interest.

Jackie Shroff


Jackie Shroff was invited to take part in Bigg Boss in 2012. But, he refused the invitation as he wanted to host the season and don’t want to become an inmate.

Poonam Pandey


Poonam Pandey refused to take part in the show because of monetary issues. She was asking for 3 crores INR and the colors team only wanted to pay 2-2.5 crore.

Honey Singh


Honey Singh, the popular rap singer also declined the invitation because of the remuneration offered by the colors TV.

Sonarika Bhadoria


Sonarika Bhadoria, the famous TV actor declined the invitation because she is not ready to make her life public.

Shama Sikander


Shama Sikander refused the invitation to the show because she didn’t like the format of the show.


  1. Comment:my self anushree Jain I m frm jaipur I love big boss show n I hope ki m bhe ek bar is show m aau n I m big fan of Salman sir…
    plzz call for this show

  2. My name is shashank gautam, I m from punjab, I m a govt employee in railway but my dream is to be a part of big bose, my dream house is big bose house, salmaan sir ne bhot se logo ki dreamss ko pura kiya hai, mei apni baari aane ka wait kar rha hu ki kb vo time aaye.


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