Bigg Boss 9 – Day 79 – Episode 79 – December 29, 2015 – BIGGEST FIGHT OF THE CURRENT BIGG BOSS SEASON

Today’s episode started off with a huge fight among various bigg boss 9 contestants. It would not be wrong to say that in terms of the number of persons involved, this was by far the biggest fight of the current season. Literally all of the housemates indulged in this fight which started off with very trivial things. The cooking team actually did not performed as well in the morning which initiated some arguments which were later turned into a huge fight.

bb9-day-79 - 1

Later on, Nora seemed to be extremely upset since she thought that some housemates had blamed her for sitting in some compromising position with Prince. Regarding this, Nora was extremely upset and said that she could not bear this as this was just a blame and she was only a good friend with Prince.

bb9-day-79 - 2

Nora Fatehi started crying bitterly after the fight and almost all the housemates blamed Priya Malik for this. They thought that Priya was the one who added fuel to fire and she wanted some definite rift within the “cool group“. Prince especially felt very sorry for Nora and had a huge fight with Priya Malik because Nora had become annoyed with Prince Narula too.

Bigg Boss then gave this week’s luxury budget task “Jewel Thief” to the housemates during which the housemates were divided into teams of police and thieves. The thieves team had to steal eight diamonds and the police team definitely had to try their best to not let the robbery happen. The police team comprised of Prince, Rochelle, Priya and Kishwer while the thieves team consisted of Rishabh, Mandana, Keith and Nora. Suyyash was made the judge for this task. It was also announced that this task will affect the next captaincy as well as the nominations.

bb9-day-79 - 3

During the task, there were again some bitter arguments as well as fights among various housemates. Rochelle then claimed that Rishabh had been physical during the game and she did not want this to happen. Bigg Boss then announced that the task for today was over and it would be resumed tomorrow again.

Tomorrow’s bigg boss 9 highlights show some more intense fights between the police and thieves team during the task.


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