Bigg Boss 9 – Day 102 – Episode 102 – January 21, 2016

In today’s episode, Bigg Boss announced that the main gate of the Bigg Boss will be opened today for some time. It was also announced that two of the four remaining contestants will be given an opportunity to meet their fans and do a vote appeal for themselves. Which two contestants will be given this chance was to be decided by a task called “Shikayatain (Complaints)“.

Bigg Boss 9 – Day 102 – Episode 102 – January 21, 2016

According to this task, there was a stand for each of the contestants in the garden area which had some tubes filled with colored water.

As soon as the buzzer would ring, the contestants will try to ring the bell in the garden area. Whosoever will ring the bell, will get a chance to empty one of the tubes and he/she will need to tell a personal reason behind it. At the end of the task, two of the contestants whose tubes will have maximum water will be declared as the winner of the task.

Bigg Boss 9 - Day 102 - Episode 102 - January 21, 2016
Bigg Boss 9 – Day 102 – Episode 102 – January 21, 2016

The task started and firstly, Prince got a chance to ring the bell and he emptied Mandana’s tube. On the next buzzer, exactly the same happened and Prince yet again emptied Mandana’s tube. After that, a huge fight took place between Mandana Karimi and Prince Narula. Mandana blamed Prince for using different housemates for his own benefit while Prince accused her of being selfish. During the third time in the task, Rishabh Sinha rang the bell and emptied Prince’s tube.

Bigg Boss 9 - Day 102 - Episode 102

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At the end of the task, Bigg Boss announced that since Rishabh and Rochelle Rao tubes had maximum water, they were given a chance to meet their fans outside the house. Both of them dressed up and went to a shopping mall where they appealed to their respective fans for voting for them as much as they could.

Bigg Boss 9 – Day 103 – Episode 103 – January 22, 2016

In tomorrow’s highlights, it was shown that the famous singer “Mika Singh” will come into the bigg boss 9 house to share some light moments with the housemates. [Type in Marathi]



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