Bigg Boss 9 Alert: Will Rimi Sen walk out of the show in next episode

It is very evident that actress Rimi Sen wants to quit the show from day 1. She is least interested in any of the task or activity that happens in the Bigg Boss house. The inmates of the house are also fed up from Rimi’s behavior.

Rimi Sen bigg boss 9
Rimi Sen

Many times they do not get the luxury budget because of Rimi’s disinterest.  The host of the show Salman Khan has also acquired from Rimi about her being so inactive.

Rimi had told that it were the makers of Bigg boss those were approaching her from the past three seasons, so she decided to enter the house because of the huge money involved.

In tonight’s episode Bigg Boss would leave the door open for five minutes. There will be an announcement that anyone who does want to leave the house can quit.

So the twist is that Rimi had all the chances to leave home on her own will but surprisingly she does not leave the house.

Rimi Sen - bb9
Rimi Sen

In fact, she told the other contestants that she does not trust Bigg Boss. There are terms in the contract if she leaves home on her own will than she would only get 40% of the agreed amount.

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