Bigg Boss 10: Most Hurtful Moments

Bigg Boss 10 show is a platform, where you would definitely expect a lot of drama as well as emotions. Season 10 was the very first season to witness commoners along with the celebrities.

In this way, this season was extremely historic and perhaps the beginning of a new era of the show. However, just like every season, we also witnessed some extremely hurtful moments in the show whereby some contestants were seen emotionally scarred.

On the other hand, some contestants were so brutal towards others that they did not even realize that they have fallen far below the level of humanity.

Today, we will talk about three most hurtful moments of the season.

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Bigg Boss 10- Most Hurtful Moments-1

Swami Om got so much involved in a captaincy task that he absolutely forgot what humanity was. He had no control over his words and said to Bani that may your mother die soon. Bani, whose mother is an actual cancer survivor was extremely disturbed emotionally.

Bigg Boss 10- Most Hurtful Moments-2

Manu Punjabi, who was time and again seen mentioning that he was very close to his mother, lost his mother while he was still inside the house. He did go out of the house to take part in her funeral but he returned to the house heartbroken.

Bigg Boss 10- Most Hurtful Moments-3

Lopamudra Raut, in an attempt to win a task, forced VJ Bani to put the phone down by saying that she was in a habit of using her mother’s name to seek sympathy of others.

Bani was yet again very hurt and disturbed and both Lopa and Bani literally got into a physical fight.


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