Sanah Kapoor – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Sanah Kapoor has been a star now but actually she is the sister of the star Saheed Kapoor. She is the daughter of Actor Pankaj Kapoor and mother Supriya Pathak.

Recently she made her debut in the film Shandaar, though not in the main role. She has been a cute face and has been a beloved daughter of Pankaj and sister of Saheed. Apart from Saheed Kapoor, she is also the sister of Ruhaan Kapoor.

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Sanah Kapoor

Sanah Kapoor
Sanah Kapoor

Sanah Kapoor has been one of the most pampered girls and at a young age under the guidance of his father and Saheed, she started her career in filmography. She has been the youngest kid in their family, loved and cared the most. He with his brothers has a deep bondage and apparat from that she has a deep bondage with her sister in Law, Mira, wife of Saheed Kapoor.

Personal details of Sanah Kapoor

Name :- Sanah Kapoor
Height :- 5’5″
Date of Birth :- NA
Father’s name :- Pankaj Kapoor
Mother’s name :- Supriya Pathak
Brothers :- Shahid Kapoor, Ruhaan Kapoor

Career of Sanah Kapoor

Shandar is just the starting of her career. She has been working in two other movies. The movie title has not been finalized till date. Katrina Kaif will be starring in the movie, that has been directed by Karan Kashyap.

Abhi Nahi to Kabhi nahin is another movie, where the cute girl will be seen once again. She will be starring there with Lara Dutt and her father, Pankaj Kapoor. She will be seen in many another coming of movies, and that is the key to her debut success.

Family support

From her family, according to her, Sanah Kapoor got immense support, and that is according to her the key factor for her success. She is the cute brother of Saheed and is also in a deep relation with her Sister in law.

According to her and Mira, they knew each other since long, and that is even before Mira and Saheed in close contact with each other. Both Mira and Sanah are good friends, and they are regarded as the best friends from the days of schooling.

Sanah Kapoor
Sanah Kapoor

Sanah finds herself to be blessed to be born in the family but does not feel that they are best partners on the stage. According to her, on stage, they are someone who expects a lot from her. This is her problem, but she again feels that having them in her life, both brothers and father is the best blessing for her.

The cute girl is looking ahead in the film world for a career and another hand; directors are glad to find such a cute face in filmography. Acting is in her blood. Gifted with acting skill, cute and beautiful look, she is now a face that the fans are looking for.

In the debut film, Sanah Kapoor acted as the sister of Alia Bhatt. Lead roles are waiting for her. How the fans note her and accept her in the lead role is a matter of discussion. With the guidance of star brother and father, that will not be an issue – the media thinks in that way.


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