Day 65 – Episode 65 – December 15, 2015 NEW LUXURY BUDGET TASK – MURDER MYSTERY

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, this week’s new luxury budget task was announced which was called “Murder Mystery“. It was a very interesting and fun task and it was announced that a murderer had entered the Bigg Boss house and the murderer was a serial killer. Bigg Boss announced in detail about the task that some contestants will be made common people, some will be detective and one will actually be the murderer.

Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery

Bigg Boss also announced that if the detective and murderer will be successful in doing this task, it will give them a chance to become the new captain of the house. Bigg Boss also announced that those who will be murdered will have a negative effect related to nominations.

Bigg Boss further announced that the specific role of the housemates will be revealed to them one by one. Bigg Boss announced that everyone will be called inside the confession room and he/she will be asked to open a box placed there. There will be a pearl inside each box and the color of the pearl will actually determine the role of the housemate inside the task.

bigg boss day 65 episode - 2

White color will denote the role of common man, blue color will denote the role of detective while red color will indicate the murderer.

Keith was given the role of a common man as he had a white pearl. Other housemates who were given the same role were Nora, Rochelle, Suyyash, Gizele, Kishwer, and Mandana.

Rishabh and Priya were made the detectives while Prince was made the murderer. The role of the detectives was to catch the murderer either red handed or gather evidence against him.


bigg boss day 65 episode - 3

Prince, being the murderer was given the order of murdering 5 housemates by doing 5 different activities such as wasting their food, making them kiss on his cheeks etc. Bigg Boss also told Prince that if he would accomplish the task, he would be able to nominate one of the murdered contestants for the rest of the season.

When today’s episode finished, Prince Narula was able to murder Gizele Thakral but the housemates were still not able to figure out who the actual murderer was. Gizele who was murdered will have to stay inside a coffin placed in a garden area till the end of the task.

In tomorrow’s highlights, it was show that the task will continue with some more fun and activity.


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