Bollywood Stars and Their Hobbies

Bollywood actors and actresses are loved and respected all across India. They work hard when it comes to producing the next hit movie or TV show. Their dedication to their craft is why they have so many fans. However, when they spend a whole day shooting scenes or being photographed they love to relax.

Just how they express themselves creatively on the screen they like to express themselves creatively in their private life. In other words, some of your favorite actors and actresses have delved into music, poetry, and painting in their free time. Others have chosen different but equally productive hobbies. Without further ado, here are some Bollywood stars and their hobbies:

Aamir Khan – Drummer, Chess, and Teen Patti Player

Mr. Khan has lots of fans thanks to his amazing skills. However, he’s also famous for keeping people guessing as to what he’s going to do next. Aamir did this when he played guitar in the famous song titled “Papa Kehte Hain”. In other words, he’s one of those multi-talented stars since he can play the guitar and loves to bang the drums.

Aamir Khan 2

Another thing he’s fond of is games of skill. That’s why he enjoys playing chess as well as Rummy and Teen Patti. He likes to organize card parties and likes to enjoy these games online. Teen Patti is a popular game you can find on lots of Indian casino sites. If you’re new to it then you can find a guide on how to play Teen Patti easily. The game comes in several versions and is coupled with some enticing bonuses to make things interesting.

The gaming industry is constantly growing which is why more and more players keep joining the ranks. An ENV study shows that young adults in India, particularly the men, enjoy playing games. That’s why you’ll ding Aamir Khan in the fold of chess and card players.

Akshay Kumar – Martial Arts Practitioner

All actors have to stay in shape. That’s why they make sure to have some hobbies that keep them active in the gym. Akshay Kumar is no exception. What he likes to do is train martial arts. He knows King Fu, Aikido. Before he made it big in Bollywood he was an avid Taekwondo practitioner. In fact, he’s a role model for anyone aspiring to start training. By keeping this habit alive he manages to stay disciplined, healthy, and in focus whenever he’s shooting a movie.

Alia Bhatt – Avid Painter

There’s no doubt that this Bollywood heartthrob likes to exercise to keep in shape. Alia is an amazing actress that likes to exercise her creativity whenever it’s possible. That’s why when she has some free time she spends it painting. She prefers charcoal painting to let out her creative side. Plus, it’s a great way to relax after a tough day of filming.

Salman Khan – Painter and Fitness Freak

You can tell just by looking at him that Salman Khan is a person that loves to work out. Keeping in shape is something he does in his free time but what he also likes to do is paint. He has amassed quite the painting collection in the past few years and is known for gifting some paintings to the nearest and dearest people in his personal life. All in all, he’s a creative soul and a bad boy which is why millions of fans adore him.

Diya Mirza – Pot Maker and Dancer

Diya is a former Miss Asia Pacific which tells you just how beautiful she is. However, beauty isn’t the only thing that makes her unique. She also has a knack for acting and has starred in several movies. While preparing for a role in “Alibaug” she found a love for pottery. This helps her express herself creatively off-screen. Making pots is only one of the things she does in her free time. She also enjoys learning Indian classical dances as well.


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