Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Winner Name – 2017 & All Seasons Winners

Know about Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Winner Name, Final Winner Name of season 5 and all previous Bigg Boss Kannada Season winner names including season 1, 2, 3, 4 and Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Winner.

Bigg Boss has become a household name during the last 10 years or so ever since its inception back in the year 2006.

After that, various regional channels also started the respective versions of the Bigg Boss show and almost all of them were quite a big success including latest bigg boss season 11 show as the audiences out there loved the regional versions.

Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Winner

Bigg Boss Kannada is one such show which has successfully completed four seasons and season 5 is going to hit the television screens from September 05, 2017 on Colors Kannada.

Several speculations were being made about the slightly new format of the show but it has now been confirmed that the season 5 will involve the common men along with the celebrity contestants as well.

Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Winner
Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Winner

In this regard, online registration forms are already available on the official website of the show. It asks the prospective candidates to fill out various questions such as why do they want to become a part of Bigg Boss Kannada 5 and what differentiates them from other contestants?

If you want to become a part of Bigg Boss Kannada 5, you just need to fill in the online form and submit it. If you will are talented and lucky enough, you will be shortlisted for the final round of selection. The list of Bigg Boss Kannada 5 contestants will be released soon and one of them will definitely emerge as Bigg Boss Kannada 5 winner.

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Bigg Boss Kannada All Season Winners

Here is the list of all the winners of all the seasons of Bigg Boss Kannada:

Bigg Boss Kannada 1 Winner Vijay Raghavendra
Bigg Boss Kannada 2 Winner Akul Balaji
Bigg Boss Kannada 3 Winner Shruti
Bigg Boss Kannada 4 Winner Pratham
Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Winner Updated Soon

Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Winner Name

As soon as the show will start, we will keep updating you about the latest happenings and news related to the show.

Bigg Boss 5 Kannada winner will also be revealed right here as soon as something will be finalised in that particular regard. It seems as if Bigg Boss Kannada 5 will be the most interesting season as it will give a chance to common men to participate in the show for the very first time.


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