Akshay Kumar to co-host Bigg Boss 9?

Bigg Boss 9 is dubbed as double trouble and that makes Salman Khan single on the host section? To make the double trouble sound clear, Salman Khan, the main host of the upcoming controversial reality show Bigg Boss 9 will be accompanied by the Khiladi Akshay Kumar.

The Bigg Boss 9 season starts from 11 October and yet the final list of contestants is not finalized. With so many uncertainties left, the Bigg Boss 9 seasons is surely going to recover from the failure of the Bigg Boss 8.

Salman Khan & Akshay Kumar - Bigg Boss 9

Akshay Kumar is a close friend of Salman Khan and according to the Business of Cinema, Colors, the combo can add more spice to the already spiced up Bigg Boss 9.

It is also speculated that Akshay Kumar may not want to slip the opportunity as he can easily promote his upcoming film, Singh is bling. Bigg Boss has always been the platform to promote different movies and serials and other big players have always taken the advantage of the platform.

Akshay Kumar has also been speculated earlier to host the Bigg Boss 9 as the main host, but all the speculation proved wrong when Sallu took his throne back from everyone.

The downfall of Bigg Boss 8 is the absence of the Salman Khan and Colors, this time around, don’t want to miss Salman Khan at any cost. The new concept of the Bigg Boss 9, “Double Trouble” has received positive feedback from the audience and other social media. The promos “Double Trouble” has been aired from the past week.

Whatever may be the end result, Bigg Boss 9 fans cares about only one thing, i.e., Salman Khan presence. But this doesn’t mean that Akshay Kumar presence won’t add spice to the already spiced up show!

We are waiting to see what the new combination does to the show. What do you guys think? Comment below and let us know.



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