Movies Turned into Slots

The themes of slots are numerous and the varieties are never ending, there is a game for all interests. If you like cats, dance, travels or movies. If you are into the movie world there are slots made with all categories as originals, adventure, action and love stories. 

Movies Turned into Slots

But there are also a lot of movies influenced by casinos, how many Bond movies are shot in casinos? And the classic Casino with Martin Scorsese are one of the most iconic mafia movies there are. If you want to learn more about the culture of casinos you can read about it at different websites, you can also learn how to play teen patti and other classical Indian games.

Planet of the monkeys

This success movie has turned into a classic with really hard-core fans and are featured in a lot of iconic series from America. One of the biggest producers when it comes to slots, NetEnt has made a good game out of this classical movie.


When the first movie Alien came out it was ground braking in technology and animations. In the game you will recognize a lot of the features from the movie. The plot is the same and the quality is of the best quality. NetEnt is the producer of this games as well, it not strange that one of the biggest movies gets turned into a slot by one of the best.


This classic horror movie from 1978 really manages to capture that spine chilling feeling that the movie gives. The British company Microgaming is the genius behind this slot, and they even have a Trick or Treat bonus that you can use if you dare.

Tales of Dr Doolittle

This funny story about Dr Doolittle and his ability to talk to animals, that is to have proper conversations with them was first released in 1998 with Eddie Murphy in the lead. Quickspin has made a really good slot version of this humor movie where you have an opportunity to quite big.


I´ll be back! Is a line that has flown over many people’s lips since Arnold Schwarzenegger first said them in 1984. Microgaming might have been able to use a little more of the iconic features that is in the movie to make it a really good game. But there are a lot of things that you will recognize from the movie like the red eyes.

The Mask

This manic superhero played by Jim Carrey has a lot of quotes from the movie when you win. NextGen has really managed to capture the feeling and humor of the game and the feeling of the 1990s in this game of fortune.


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